The Corporation of Brown University

The Corporation

The Corporation of Brown University holds pivotal responsibilities, such as selecting the president and approving faculty appointments, setting the budget and tuition and salary pools, accepting gifts, and approving strategic plans.

The Corporation of Brown University (the name given in the Charter of the University, written in 1764) is the University’s governing body. The Corporation comprises a volunteer Board of Fellows and a volunteer Board of Trustees and is responsible for matters of policy and long-term planning. Trustees and fellows represent a broad range of professions, experiences and perspectives, and are chosen through a variety of processes, including alumni and student elections.

Trustees and Fellows

Members of the Corporation are chosen for their commitment to the University and its mission of education and research. They are dedicated to ensuring that their work will produce an intellectual environment that will shape the careers and lives of future generations.
Members of the Corporation


There are several standing committees of the Corporation covering various facets of the life and work of the University. Much of the work of the Corporation is done through these committees and through ad hoc committees.
Corporation Committees


Mailing Address

Corporation Office
Brown University
Box 1887
Providence, RI 02912